Pros and cons of online gambling in Australia

It is hard to deny the growth of gambling’s popularity in recent years. The number of companies obtaining official licenses and launching new digital platforms is increasing exponentially, so Australian players clearly do not suffer from a lack of offers. But you have to be careful when it comes to online gambling. Just as there are legitimate casinos, there are also fake sites that try to get access to your credit and personal info. Now is the time to find out, is it worth trying your hand in gambling today, and what advantages and disadvantages new players may encounter. Let’s go!

What is online gambling?

What is online gambling

To begin with, a brief historical background that will make the scope of the industry and the rate of its growth clearer. So, sites for online gambling first appeared in the domain area of the Caribbean islands — in the middle of the last decade of the past century. At first, only 15 digital sites worked steadily, but in just two years since the first launch, their number has grown to 200, and to name the current exact number would be difficult even for industry experts. Well, one more aspect: the net revenue of online casinos in 1996 was estimated at one billion dollars. As of 2020 this figure has crossed the threshold of 55 billion. Impressive, indeed.

So, before we start comparing the pros and cons of gambling, it is worth understanding specifics. Clearly, an online casino is a casino that is available online, that is, on the Internet. However, if we approach this phenomenon from a scientific point of view, you get the following definition. Gambling is all kinds of entertainment, in which the result of monetary bets is not defined by default and may be negative, zero or positive in each individual case. Different game forms are used for such betting, from pokies (better known as slots in the US and Europe) and classic casino games (cards, roulette), to lotteries, scratchies and bingo.

Why play online games?

Why play online games

Okay, now let’s define why online games are so much more popular today than traditional land-based casino halls. The advantages of virtual gambling are many, but we have highlighted the main ones:

  • The possibility of getting bonuses. Lots of bonuses. A lot of bonuses! Even if you’ve visited any of the halls of Monaco or Las Vegas, the maximum you can count on there is a few chips and free cocktails. Of course, the online casino won’t treat you to a Negroni or a Cosmopolitan, but instead you get gifts in the form of money and free spins — starting when you sign up, and almost every day.
  • No travel or dress code. Play how you want, anytime, anywhere. You can use your home PC, smartphone or tablet — the gameplay is not lost in quality, and all the functionality of the casino sites remains under your control.
  • Secure and fast transactions. Modern encryption technology eliminates access by third parties, and the payment methods offered by Australian online casinos are not very different from the set presented in major online stores. It’s fast, convenient, and effortless — what else do you need?

A wide selection of games. And, of course, no gambling hall simply physically can not fit so many varieties of pokies, table games and other entertainment, as you can find in the library of the most humble of existing online casinos. Entertainment for all tastes ensures that every player has the opportunity to choose their lucky option that can bring real winnings. In addition, you can use free demos while searching — so you will save your bankroll, and be able to study in detail the features of this or that pokie.

How does online gambling work?

How does online gambling work

In order to experience for yourself all the features offered by online casinos, you need to go through a simple registration procedure. However, regardless of the preferred option, it will not be difficult to start playing for real money in the best online pokies.

The registration algorithm includes the following steps:

  • Choose the right service to meet your expectations, guided by your own impressions, or our reviews dedicated to the best Australian casinos;
  • Fill out the account form with your personal information and your preferred method of transaction;
  • Confirm your account using the numeric code from the text message or following the link in the email you receive.

That’s all — now you can use your iPhone browser to sign in to your casino, or you can log in to your profile through the app service. At this stage, all the casino games are already available to you, including the popular pokies, but for now you can only play the demo version using virtual credits. Such a variant is perfect for beginners — you can evaluate the convenience of the interface, choose the slot suitable in terms of themes and rules, as well as get used to the navigation in the lobby. If you are already ready to start playing for real money — you only have to make a deposit or activate one of the bonus offers.

Pros and cons of gambling

Pros and cons of gambling

It’s time to talk about the pros and cons of online gambling, and we’ll start with the positive factors. Of course, each type of entertainment has its own characteristics and nuances, but there are also a number of common criteria that apply to all games of the industry:

  • The possibility of winning real money. In most cases, this is the main motivation for online casino players, and if it were impossible — pokies sites would hardly be of any interest to anyone. In fact, if you choose a licensed service, you can be assured of fair play. The outcome of each bet is determined by chance, so winnings and losses do not depend in any way on the casino’s wishes.
  • Exciting gameplay. Frankly, many of today’s slots are not inferior mobile games for smartphones and tablets. Quality graphics, nice music, comfortable controls, and in some cases — even a diverse gameplay. Why waste time on another version of the match-three or tower defense, if you can enjoy not only interesting but also profitable games?
  • Brain training. Classic casino card games are an opportunity to improve your own strategic thinking skills, because in this genre success depends on both a successful hand and the player’s experience. In addition, you can play not only against the random number generator, but also with live dealers and even with other customers of the service, which expands the possibility of using special tactics and techniques that can bring winnings.

These are the main advantages of gambling from the gaming point of view. We are not talking about industry standards such as quality service, security, or the availability of mobile-friendly versions, as this has become a familiar quality mark. However, this type of entertainment also has disadvantages that also deserve to be mentioned:

  • The possibility of losing money. Once again — the outcome of each bet can bring three results, and one of them involves the possibility of losing part of the bankroll. That is why really worthwhile strategies for gambling are based not on certain slot management mechanics, but on competent management, which allows you to stay in the black even if the cycle is unsuccessful.
  • Probability of developing an addiction. Okay, this is indeed a problem, but it depends only on the player himself. If you really easily succumb to the excitement, and can not calmly accept both wins and losses — it is better for a while to refrain from gambling, or to replace the real betting game in the demo version. Many Australian casinos have a responsible gambling policy, so any customer can contact support and freeze the account for a certain period.


There are other disadvantages of gambling, but certainly the points mentioned above are some of the most important things that every player can see and feel while playing online.


Well, hopefully by getting to the end of this article, you already know the right answers to the following questions: can I gamble online, should I gamble, and how can I gamble online? As you can see, creating an account and starting to gamble at a casino is not that difficult. This option is available to everyone (of course, only if you are at least 18 years old), but that’s not the main thing at all. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of gambling sites, and compare which of these seems more meaningful and important to you.

If you are confident that you have enough self-discipline — modern pokies can bring a lot of fun, becoming a great option to occupy your free time. In order to play successfully at an online casino, it is important to carefully study the rules of the game, including wagering bonuses. In addition, most slots are more loyal to bet on the maximum line — it is believed that the probability of a winning combination significantly increases. But perhaps the main tips that are relevant to all types of gambling — use only the amount of money you can afford to lose, do not forget to play responsibly, and bet wisely!

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