Sports and online gambling

The popularity of gambling in Australia is growing year by year. Today, it doesn’t take much effort to become a customer of an online casino or betting site. If you’re at least 18 years old, have a PC, smartphone or tablet and a registered bank card (or e-wallet, cryptocurrency account, etc.) — this will be quite enough to start gambling on sports for real money. And then it all depends on your discernment and luck, because every event always involves at least two outcomes — and guessing which one will happen is not so easy.

Obviously, gambling in sports history is an important factor that has influenced — and still influences — the entire industry. Diverse betting formats, the ability to predict results in real time, and the ability to combine odds for big winnings are all draws to Australian players. Gambling on sports games is not only fun, but also lucrative, so it’s time to figure out how it all works.

Sports and online gambling

What the law says

Australian law is quite liberal on the gambling side, and that includes professional sports as well. Regulations vary from one jurisdiction to another, but there is no rigid system that would restrict or prohibit specific types of entertainment. In this way, it is logical that online gambling, both for sports and casinos, becomes an opportunity to attract new customers willing to try their luck at the game of risk.

How does online sports gambling work

One of the most popular forms of gambling is sports betting, which not only adds emotion while watching sports broadcasts, but can also become a source of stable profits. Moreover, the most active fans often consider betting on a race or soccer match as a proof of their knowledge of the sports, or as an opportunity to prove their loyalty to a particular team or player.

Many people wonder — is it real to make gambling on sports for a living? Well, it’s hard to give an unequivocal answer in this situation. At least, because there are many cases, when just one bet brought the player the winnings equal to several millions of dollars. It is not difficult to find proof — such articles about sports gambling, as a rule, get to the top of search queries. But if we do not talk about such events, the probability of which is estimated roughly the same as the chances of an Australian athlete to win the Olympic 1000 meters short track speed skating, the key factors for long distance gambling will be competent bankroll management and the availability of an excellent knowledge base. The better you are at navigating the sports games you choose to gamble — the easier it will be to understand how the system works.

Top 10 sports gambling sites in Australia

Top 10 sports gambling sites in Australia

When it comes to Australian sites available for online sports gambling — we definitely recommend you to check out these options:

  • Sportsbet
  • Ladbrokes
  • PlayUp
  • BetDeluxe
  • TopSport
  • WinnersBet
  • Neds
  • Unibet Australia
  • Palmerbet
  • Betfair

Betting site is a place where you can make a bet on a particular outcome of a sports event. In case of a successful prediction, the amount of the bet made will be multiplied by the odds offered by the bookmaker. Competent tactics allow players to increase their starting capital several times, winning money thanks to their own knowledge.

Today, bets are accepted on a variety of events — from soccer and hockey to cybersport disciplines. Choosing the right service for the game is an important first step on your way to success. Australian services have many different attributes that make them attractive to all your sports gambling needs.

Types of bets and odds

Types of bets and odds

One of the advantages that distinguish professional sports gambling is the variety of betting formats, which include:

  • On the result of the event — bets in which players specify exactly how the match will end. Depending on the kind of sport, it can be a victory for one of the sides (W1/W2) or a draw (X).
  • On the double result — a more variable type, which involves the choice of two possible outcomes at once and is valued at a lower odds. The prediction is made in the format 1X, 12 or X2.
  • Time/match (W1/W1, W2/X, etc.) — a soccer bet in which the player bets on two outcomes at once: the result at the end of the first half and the result of the match as a whole.
  • Total (Over/Under) is a betting format where the player bets on a certain number of particular statistics (goals, corners, fouls, cards, send-offs, etc.) reflected in the protocol according to the results of the event. The basic total for matches with a small drawing is a total number of goals relative to the average performance of the competition. Thus the player can predict as a result less than average (under), as well as more (over).
  • Handicap — betting with an advantage calculated in the number of points, goals or games. The result of the bet is calculated as the actual outcome summed up with the handicap. So, a bet on the victory of one of the competitors with the minus one handicap, with the final result of the match 2:1 in his favor, will be lost because the bookmaker will consider the final score as a draw — 1:1.


It is also possible to place a bet in several ways:

  • Single bet — an ordinary bet on a particular option offered by the bookmaker in the pre-match lineup or in a live event. To calculate such bets, the odds fixed in the coupon at the time of bet confirmation are taken into account.
  • Express — a bet on several different events in sports gambling, combined in one coupon. The odds of each of the matches in this case is a multiplier for all the others, which ultimately allows a significant increase in the potential amount of winnings as a whole.
  • System — a bet that combines multiple parlay odds and allows you to win even if you correctly predict only a part of the total number of selected events (3 out of 4, 6 out of 8, etc.).
  • Teaser — a special kind of express, which provides an opportunity to adjust the line in your favor. Teasers are used for NBA and NFL games, and can include bets on the outcome and on totals. Payouts for this type of bet depend on the sport, the number of teams being bet on, and the amount of adjustment made. Typically, standard teasers are allowed with a line-adjustment value of 6, 6 1/2 or 7 points, but no more than 6 teams.

Most of the Australian online sports gambling sites accept players from all over the world, so the functionality includes the ability to switch odds layouts. Two main types are used:

  • Ratios in the form of decimals, allowing you to quickly calculate the amount of potential winnings by multiplying the bet amount by the offered value.
  • Odds in the form of whole numbers with the “+” and “—”, in which the negative number indicates the size of the bet needed to win $100, and the positive — the value of the net winnings received from the bet of $100.
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